Bulb Type JDM Illuminated License Plate Light Box -For Japanese license plates Jiko-Shiki (字光式)

  • ¥11,000 JPY

Bulb type Illuminated License Plate Light Box used for Jiko-Shiki (字光式) number plates

This is older style license plate light box-use bulbs (3) for lighting.

If you ever wondered how those glowing characters on Japanese license plates were illuminated then look no further.This is a genuine Japanese license plate light box. This light box is what is used for the Jiko-Shiki (字光式) plates. Here in Japan during registration you can request to get the plates with green translucent numbers which when installed with the light box glow at night. 

Step up your JDM game with one of these light boxes!  Old School style !!


This light box is used but in good condition, bulbs are working when checked 

Uses regular bulbs for lighting, has power and ground wires attached. 

 measures-13" length and 6.5" width(with out chrome frame)



USED(used but in good condition, unless otherwise stated.
Products will have marks, scuffs, these light boxes have been on vehicles so they do show some wear.)
 *Number plate not included using only for example purposes* 

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