Hyper Rev Magazine Vol 21 Toyota MR2

  • ¥9,000 JPY

Hyper Rev Magazine Vol 21 Toyota MR2 JDM Japan
Hyper Rev

 Hyper Rev is the ultimate in car magazines and is known as the JDM bible of car parts, tuning secrets, car model history for each specific model (Skyline, Silvia, Starlet, Miata, RX-7, Supra, Integra, Civic, NSX, Lancer, Impreza, 180sx, S2000 etc.). Each issue is precisely focused to a particular vehicle and includes in depth reports, features and product listings spanning the entire spectrum of OEM and aftermarket performance tuning and styling.For popular cars there are often times multiple volumes of HyperRev books that are released. HyperRev is produced only in Japanese, most brands and product specifications can be read and understood in English. Most older Hyper Rev are out of print or very limited.

Japanese language only

USED Does have crease marks and wear
(All books are used but in good condition, unless otherwise stated)

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