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JDM( Japanese Domestic Market)  refers to Japan's local market for vehicles and/or domestic goods and services, made or designed in Japan.

天国(てんごく)(TENGOKU)- heaven 

 JDM Tengoku

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Hello and Welcome


We have always had a love for many of the awesome and cool treasures found in Japan, from cars and anime, figures, models and anything cute/kawaii coming out of Japan.

We want to be your JDM heaven for cool stuff from Japan!  We started JDMTengoku with the hope to offer much more in the future and bring Japan closer to you. Because JDM to us is all things from Japan.

So what better way to try to share some of the cool stuff we find then right here. Everyone around the world that wants to visit Japan but can't, we try to send some of the Japan to you thru our site.   A Little Bit for Japan for You!

Drop us a line and let us know what you would be interested in seeing and we will try to do our best to add to our inventory.  So send us some of your ideas and things that you like. If you are interested in purchasing any products that we do not carry let us know and we can check on that for you. 

We definitely are looking for feedback,  it will help us to help you.

Look forward to hearing from everyone!


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