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I made a mistake with my order, can I change it?

Please contact us as soon as possible, if it hasn't been shipped out we might be able to change or add to your order. Please email us.

Can I cancel an existing order?

Orders that have already been shipped cannot be cancelled. If you have placed an order we may not be able to cancel or refund, please be aware when placing an order and make sure you are ready to purchase.

Once an order has been submitted we cannot cancel, before proceeding to checkout make sure your order is correct. if you have any questions or concerns please contact us before placing order.


Are your items new or used(second hand)?

Items will be marked  as used (second hand) or new condition. Packages might be unopened or opened. Many items are hard to find,  most of them will have wear/marks or signs of use, but we will advise on condition of items in particular. 

Any electrical items are checked if powering up, but these are used items so please understand that when purchasing. 

Figures/Models in sealed boxes are in new condition, and have not been displayed or taken out of packages. Boxes are considered second hand since they have been in hands of collectors or stores. 

Outer boxes do have some wear on them depending on condition.  The outer box may have damage such as threads, dents, tears, and dirt, the film on the surface may be peeling off.


Figures/Models are they real Japanese market authentic?

All figures are Japanese Market Authentic  Nendoroid , Figma, Max Factory, etc. These are real authentic figures and not bootleg or fake. 

Figures/Models that are considered second hand feel but new condition, what does it mean?

Figures are considered as second hand because the boxes have been in the hands of collectors and/or store inventory. Sealed boxes are marked as new condition(since they have not been opened). But since the boxes have been in other hands we consider them to be second hand feel.

Before purchasing vintage items please be aware that there can be difference in color, deterioration and so on due to ageing.

  • Second hand/pre-owned items may have dust, color fading (box ),crease or particles, bending, or debris due to age and past ownership.
  • Unopened older figures may be sticky due to plasticizer degradation.
  • Some pre-owned items may have stickers or labels on the boxes such as distributor stickers, price tags, import stickers, etc.
  • Bonus items are not included unless specifically stated.

Outer boxes may have some wear on them depending on condition. 

Sealed or Open Box items, the outer box may have damage such as threads, dents, tears, and dirt, the film on the surface may be peeling off. This tends to happen from storage of boxes when handled by previous parties. 

Condition is based on our opinion. 

Please expect some minor stains/damage/deterioration from ageing to the package. If boxes do have any damage, it will be advised on the listing.

New condition/sealed boxes.
Figures inside are still in original seal or covering.

Sealed boxes will not be opened, and will have original seal.

Open boxes have been opened already Boxes that are opened are checked to make sure all parts are there.
Figures inside are still in original seal or covering, unless has been removed.
Parts are checked if still sealed and/or included and have not been removed 
If missing or damage parts will have explanation. We will give rating based on condition of figures.

All Figures or models are Japanese Market Authentic  Nendoroid  that means, instructions and any material are in Japanese. Figures are authentic and not bootleg/fake. These are figures that are not re-released, rare or hard to find and figures that have been in collections or store inventory.

Ranking System 

Product Ranking Table

                                                  Product Rank

N- It is a new unopened / unused item. It is fully equipped with accessories.

S- It is a very beautiful used item. It may have been opened. Open Box item.

A- There are no noticeable scratches and it is beautiful overall.

B- It is a used item with a feeling of use such as slight scratches and dirt .

C - It is a used item with noticeable scratches and dirt .

J -There is a possibility of damage, large scratches, and missing parts.

Please note that figures (even unopened boxes) that have been discontinued or older models or rare items, that over time plastics can wear or show discoloration. We try our best to make sure they are in good condition. We just want to make our customers aware of that.

Sold Out Items

Since items are purchased from collectors, leftover store inventory, etc. means most items that we carry are either discontinued or vintage or rare.

So if it is Sold Out we do not have any time frame for when these items will be available again.

We apologize for any items being out of stock. Magazines, figures, etc. that are sold out, please send us an email if you are looking for particular item and we will let you know if we can find it for you. For anything else email us!




With any of our items prices our subject to change without notice due to increased shipping and custom rates.

Thank you for understanding. 

Any questions please send us an email: support@jdmtengoku.com