Do you ship to my country?

We ship almost anywhere in the world.

Depending on location ,please contact us if not sure.

Some areas will be faster for shipping then others. Again that depends on country postal service and customs.



Our shipping is handled by Japan Post.

 All packages are shipped directly from Japan. Handled by Japan Post unless otherwise stated.

Depending on what shipping methods are available in your country, your package may be limited by shipping availability. 

Certain areas shipping options are limited. Areas in Central America,South America and Africa will display in shipping what is available. Any questions email us and we can check for your area, or you can also check Japan Post website.

Please email us and let us know if you have questions. Just let us know in subject what it is about.


Customs and Import Duties

All fees and taxes associated with importing the order are the responsibility of the customer and are not included in the order price or eligible for reimbursement.

Customs fees are collected by your government based on your countries laws and regulations..


  Shipping Orders

All orders placed with us are usually processed within: 

(5 business days; which fall between Monday - Friday)
(Saturday, Sunday, Japan's public holiday orders are not processed)

Your package will be shipped after order confirmation and full payment.

 Do you provide a tracking number?

If the shipping choice has tracking available you will be provided with one.For faster shipping and tracking you will have to upgrade to EMS if available.

 Tracking Japan Post Shipping

Shipping Time


(Fastest shipping available at this time, 1-2 weeks estimate(depending on available flights) 

Countries that have EMS available  



EMS, will be the fastest, using another shipping method( such as POST PARCEL SURFACE will be longer),  depending on your location it may take time for your package to reach you. This is just an estimate sometimes it will be faster or slower, but it depends on your countries postal and customs service. Many times packages will get there faster than our estimated shipping times. 

But since the delay in shipping around the world has been affected by the virus , actually times or delivery are not known. Shipping again will take some, thank you for your patience.

Potential delays caused by  either/both postal service of destination country or customs are not included in the estimated shipping time. If you live in a country with strict customs, please factor in some additional time for customs clearance.

Packages can be delayed for any number of reasons. Because such delays are out of our control, delays do happen, depending on country and customs and postal service of country being shipped to.


Undeliverable Orders/Packages Returned/Sent Back/Not Accepted, etc. 

In case an order could not be delivered due to a wrong address, the package/items not being claimed or being refused by the addressee, it will be returned to us if it is possible, again we stress that, since sometimes packages will not be returned to us and/or might be disposed by the postal service. We have no control of that. To resend undelivered shipments, additional shipping fees will apply, again if package is returned to us or notice that it was sent back. If packages are not returned to us, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. Since the delay of flights and shipping, and any other problems occurring within, packages will at times not be returned to us. Please make sure to accept delivery or receive package, if not accepted or picked up, they will try to send back to us, again we are not responsible if we never received package back. 

Any packages sent back to us, if you want to have redelivery it will be another separate shipping fee.  Again we will have to charge you redelivery if you want packages sent back again. This will be another shipping charge.

If any packages are in route of delivery but then are put in retention, because of not being picked up by customer by certain time period, depends on your country postal service), it may get returned to us if possible, again we stress that, sometimes packages will not be returned to us.

If your package is in “Retention” it normally means that it is being held at the local post office and waiting to be picked up.

Your package cannot be delivered and requires an action from you; we recommend contacting your local post office as soon as possible. 

Please contact your local postal service to arrange for picking up or redelivering of the package to your address.


Notice regarding the delay of international mail and tracking information for the Japan Post

According to information of the Japan Post, due to the global spread of the COVID-19 virus, measures as the suspension of acceptance of international mail have been taken.

Furthermore the number of incoming and outgoing flights in and out of Japan has been drastically reduced, resulting in many routes of transportation being cut off at the moment.

As a result, a considerable delivery delay is expected for each country / region, as well as a delay in online updates of the delivery status.

This includes all delivery methods offered by the Japanese Post.

  • Regarding the handling status of mail in each country/region

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers.

Although it may take longer than usual for your package to arrive, deliveries could be delayed a month or more if using SURFACE ,we deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions and concerns. 

Countries we do not ship to or/and no service at all

Please check Japan Post website if you unsure if shipping is available to your country. You can check to see if shipping is possible.


EMS shipping at this time available (please note may change at any time)

if your country is not listed or if you have any questions please contact us.



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