Itasha Graphics Vol. 26 February 2016 Geibun Mook

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Itasha Graphics Vol. 26 February 2016 Geibun Mook
(痛車グラフィックス ) Itasha Graphics 

Itasha Graphics is one of a few itasha oriented magazine by Geibunsha featuring itasha cars, motorcycles and bicycles. As well as featuring the vehicles, they also include photo shoots with cosplay models.


Itasha 痛車, is a car that has been decorated with images characters from manga, anime and video games. Loosely translated to  painful car. It usually involves vinyl wrapping or painting. Automobiles are called itasha, while motorcycles itansha (痛単車) and bicycles itachari(痛チャリ).


Release Date

Vol. 26 February 2016 


 Itasha Graphics 





Great magazine for collectors, shops, garages, and your favorite Itasha car lover! 
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