Ken Nomura is retiring! The Legend Nomuken

If any of you have followed in the drifting world , the name Nomuken or Monkey Magic is synonymous to a legend in the sport. He has been competing for quite some time now, over 18 years. He first started out in D1GP back in 2000, and after signing with Blitz (parts manufacturer) he quickly developed the skills to compete. He quckly became a fan favorite for his on track and off track antics, with his tire smoking and monkey impersonations. His company URAS is actually a play on the name monkey backwards in Japanese ( saru). He drifted the Blitz D1 Spec ER34 Skyline, which he still continues to drive. He has appeared in video Option and also with Drift Tengoku. 

Thank You always for your hard work!


He announced his retirement this year, 2018.


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