Import Tuner First Issue Fall of 1998--Looking Back

Import Tuner Fall 1998 Issue 1

It has been 21 years since the first issue of Import Tuner hit the newsstands, a lot has changed in the tuning world, but what still remains is our love of cars and customizing.

Import Tuner was born back in the late 90s, a time before the Fast and Furious franchise took off, it was a spin off to Turbo magazine at the time. Import Tuner focused on many of the aspects emerging around the import scene, from car shows/events, new technology/parts and how customizing was turning into a tuning lifestyle.

Compared to other magazines such as Turbo or Sport Compact Car, Import Tuner was focusing on the cars and models, which helped bring tuning and cars more into the mainstream. Every issue focused on a cover car and model (or two sometimes) for the front cover of the magazine.

During this early time many of the features were from wild paint and body work to engine modifications. They continued to offer tech tips for everyone looking to upgrade their cars and also test and tune of parts. For many people growing up around this time and being involved in the car scene, it was something new to look forward to. It was in this issue that first Hot Import Nights was covered, taking place July 11th 1998 in Long Beach,California. It was something new and fresh, as they stated- "the first ever "After Dark" import car show".Import Tuner Fall 1998 Hot Import Nights

Import Tuner Fall 1998 Hot Import Nights WinnersPower Pages was their bolt on and dyno testing of parts for a range of vehicles. Issues were packed with information concerning what new parts coming out or how much power you could extract from your car, with real world testing. This issue covered engines from Honda/Acura, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Nissan engines.Import Tuner Fall 1998 Power Pages

They also covered Diamond Star Shootout and Mid-America Nationals for IDRC (Import Drag Racing Circuit).

Import Tuner Fall 1998 IDRC Import Tuner Fall 1998 IDRC PicturesAlso this was the first issue to start and include in further issues the misadventures of Max Boost, by Dennis Caco which was a comic about two unlikely heroes Max and Otto, venturing into the import tuning car world.Import Tuner Fall 1998 Max Boost

Import Tuner Fall 1998 Max Boost So like maybe publications before it or after, they are no longer in print, but Import Tuner is now part of the Super Street network online, so it is no longer published magazine, but you can still can see tons of car info there. 

Import Tuner-

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Import Tuner Fall 1998 Models

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