Japanese Parking Stickers-Parking Permit (Shako shomei sho)

Japanese Parking Stickers-Parking Permit (Shako shomei sho)車庫証明書

Japanese parking stickers Shako shomei sho

Being an island nation of 378,000 km², Japan has to make use of all available space , especially in the bigger cities for parking cars.

   Parking in Japan can be pretty tough if living in one of the bigger city areas,Tokyo for example. Since there is less real estate available, you have to show proof of being able to park a car in a legal location. The locations can range from home driveway, apartment parking spot or rental parking spaces. Some may argue that owning a car in Japan is expensive, but living here you would see that many people do own cars, it is just finding the space to put them.

Japanese law requires car owners to prove they have access to a local parking space whenever they purchase, register a vehicle and even when changing address. You will typical have to fill out an application for a parking permit- these forms can be picked up at any local police station. But you have to present it to the traffic division counter at the police station within the jurisdiction where you are living.

Japanese parking sticker

Some of the the paperwork you will need when filling out the application and information requested will try to list here-


Application procedure for a vehicle parking place (garage) certificate

* Model, type, serial number and size of the vehicle

* Location of the parking place-applicant's address

* Location of the parking place-address of the parking place

* Applicant's Address and Name

* Telephone number which they can contact you during the daytime

Once you have filled out all that information you also need to provide:
  • Location map of the parking place, Detailed map of the parking place
  • Proof of your right to use the parking place
1)In case you own the land/building used for parking-acknowledgement that it is ok
2)In case someone else owns the land/building used for parking.
  • Owner's permission for you to use the parking place
  • Bring a copy of the parking lot lease or contract


Japanese parking sticker

After all is said and done you will be issued your parking certificate and sticker. These should be placed on the lower LH side of the rear window. But normally depending on the vehicles and driver the are found to be in many different locations. As long as they are able to be seen and checked it is ok.

Japanese parking sticker

So getting a parking sticker in Japan just helps to prove you have a place for your ride, it may seem like a lot but is normal everyday procedure here for millions.

So enjoy owning a car in Japan! 

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