Staying away from Counterfeit JDM products

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I think we have all seen them, does not matter if it's JDM/USDM automotive products or anime or fashion or even stickers. Counterfeit/fake goods are abundant online, and most of the time consumers are deceived into thinking they are getting the real deal when they're not.  And this covers all goods, stickers, apparel, and accessories.

Many of your favorite companies have had to issue counterfeit warnings, because counterfeit vendors/manufacturers display their products as labelled genuine, when they are not. Or they will simply use "xxx company style", but stating they are using the same materials.

Every thinks that it is not hurting anyone if they buy fake or counterfeit goods, but the truth is it can. Depending on the products you purchase they could be of inferior quality and worse can be a safety hazard.

There's actually a pretty big difference in the materials used in the manufacture of the parts/accessories. The companies that make the counterfeits use cheap materials that wear out, crack fade and fall off over time. Also since the materials are lower quality, the original manufacturer reputation is at stake. We as a consumer only look at the brand name, even though a vendor is selling counterfeit.  

There is a reason we all want to represent with the companies we love , but buying fake is not doing it.

Many manufacturers are trying to educate and explain to their customers about buying fake/counterfeit products. 



Check out what Takata Racing had to say about their TAKATA harness they have found fake/counterfeit being sold world wide.    --------You can read more here 


"Dear TAKATA Racing Customers,

Recently there have been a number of fake/counterfeit or “replica” TAKATA Racing harnesses sold worldwide.

Takata has purchased some of these illegal belts and tested them against industry standards. These products are unsafe and do not meet the FIA strength or crash testing requirements and should not be purchased or re-sold. Original TAKATA Racing products should only be purchased from authorized TAKATA dealers.

Caution should be taken in the purchase and use of any TAKATA Racing Products found at on-line auction websites, automobile user forums and other “indirect” sales as these products may be counterfeit, fake or may have been involved in a prior accident or improperly maintained."



So using them as an example you can see why buying counterfeit is not good , it could dangerous for you and your loved ones, in the TAKATA example.

We know why counterfeit is cheaper, because those vendors/manufacturers  have not gone thru the extensive testing to insure that it is high quality. Also materials will be of lower quality.

Premium genuine/authentic parts are not for everyone. Some people are fine getting lower quality parts, saving on cost, and not caring if it's counterfeit and we have nothing against that. In the end it's your decision.

So if you really want to represent JDM or really any manufacturer around the world, it doesn't matter in what, anime, cars, fashion. Buy authentic! 

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